viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Newspapers, Newsmusics

 James Argue's Secret Society; London Sinfonieta/Matthew Herbert

The London jazz festival is to be congratulated for enabling two ambitious concerts that would otherwise fall through the cracks. But while One Day, the Sinfonieta's collaboration with Matthew Herbert was light on content, the London debut of Secret Society, led by composer Darcy James Argue, was a contender for gig of the year.
Matthew Herbert similarly invests his work with political/social intentions, and One Day turned the contents of the 25 September edition of the Guardian into performance. Herbert's musical multimedia treatments of the newspaper's stories – West Bank settlements; book reviews; Eddie Fisher's obituary; a poem – made use of on-stage cookery, a narrator (John O'Farrell), a Foley artist and much more.
The audience enjoyed throwing paper aeroplanes, doing the crossword and bashing, blowing and shredding the paper to accompany Herbert's old hit Simple Mind. However the musical content, though occasionally surprising, was only intermittently engaging. One Day was much less than the sum of its ingenious intentions.